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Article: The 19 Best Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts Under $25 That'll Still Wow Mom

The 19 Best Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts Under $25 That'll Still Wow Mom
Mother's Day

The 19 Best Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts Under $25 That'll Still Wow Mom

Finding a meaningful gift for your mom on a budget can often feel like a daunting task. However, this year, we aim to simplify the process for you. In this curated list of the best Mother's Day gifts under $25, you'll discover a range of ideas for Mom that are not only affordable but also thoughtful (we promise!).

We've carefully selected these items by considering some of the top-selling gifts on Amazon for Mother's Day, ensuring that the listed prices include shipping (no hidden surprises). Additionally, we've included products that are currently trending among our readers, offering both simple tokens for Mother's Day brunch and more sentimental options that can steal the spotlight on May 12th. Many of these items are eligible for expedited shipping, making them perfect choices for last-minute gift-giving.

When selecting an excellent yet affordable gift, whether it's within the $25 range or even less, it's essential to ensure it exudes creativity and is given with genuine affection. Fortunately, these gifts for Mom tick all the boxes in that regard.

Mom Child 20 Oz Tumbler - Mother's Day Gift For Hard to buy

mom child tumbler

This cute drink tumbler make her smile with every sip! A special way to tell mom you love her and that she’s super special our insulated drink mugs.

We use double-wall insulation to help retain hot and cold liquid temperatures, which makes our tumbler also great for water, coffee, cola, beer, juice, tea, ice cream, cocktails and more.


For all the love and patience she has given us, our mothers truly deserve to feel appreciated. A scented soy candle is a simple yet meaningful way to show her you care, and this versatile item is perfect for any special occasion!

Treat your mom to the delightful gift of relaxation with our soy candle, delicately scented with the soothing aroma of lavender. Lavender is renowned for its calming effects on the senses and may even promote better sleep. The beautiful fragrance, combined with the hilarious quote adorning the glass jar, will fill the house with warm, happy feelings.


Handcrafted with care, our soy wax candle doubles as a decorative piece for the home or office. Measuring 4.21”x3.18”x2.99”, it fits easily on shelves, end tables, and countertops. Mom can place it in the bathroom to enjoy the lavender scent during a luxurious bubble bath, or proudly display it on her coffee table as a statement piece for guests and a gentle reminder for mischievous kids to behave!

Crafted from premium quality soy wax, our lavender candle lasts much longer than paraffin varieties. It also does not release any harmful substances or black soot that may stain your walls and ceiling, ensuring a clean burn every time. Mom can relax with peace of mind, knowing that the candles are both eco-friendly and good for the planet. Give your mom the gift of tranquility and warmth with our scented soy candle this Mother's Day.


Mothers are superheroes. They’re always there to support us and provide unconditional love and understanding in everything we do. Because of this, moms deserve nothing less than the most thoughtful present that we can give them.

If you want to give your mama an endearing gift, nothing beats a beautiful champagne glass to remind her of your love and appreciation. This item is functional, decorative, and timeless. It comes with a message that will be remembered for years.

Coffee Glass with text "Cool Mom Club"

Mothers truly are superheroes, always providing unwavering support and unconditional love in everything they do. It's only fitting that we show them our appreciation with the most thoughtful gifts.

If you're looking to give your mom a heartwarming gift, nothing beats something she can use daily to remind her of your love and gratitude. That's why we suggest a durable yet stylish cup.

cool mom club coffee glass

Our coffee glass is sure to bring a wide smile to your mom's face. Featuring the words "Cool mom club" printed in white ink on one side, this humorous text is complemented by a stylish vintage design that any mother would adore, making it the perfect Mother's Day present.

Crafted from crystal-clear glass, this 16oz. jar is built to last, ensuring your mom can enjoy it day after day without worry of breakage. Whether she fills it with her favorite iced coffee or tea in the morning or a refreshing juice, smoothie, or cocktail after a long day, this versatile cup will become her go-to.

In addition to its durability, we want your mom to have a fantastic drinking experience. That's why our cup comes with a reusable straw, making it easy for her to sip her beverage of choice. The leak-proof bamboo lid not only prevents spills but also keeps her drink free from particles and dust, ensuring every sip is as enjoyable as the last. Treat your mom to this delightful cup and let her know she's appreciated every day.

Mom Ugly Children - 20 oz Tumbler

Give your mom a special treat with "Mom" tumbler from NewEleven. This stainless-steel tumbler is designed for backyard parties and creating unforgettable memories together.

mom - 20 oz tumbler

Being a mom is a unique journey filled with responsibilities and challenges that only other moms can truly understand. As a mom, you become the umbrella that people run to when life gets tough, work becomes overwhelming, and you don't always receive the appreciation you deserve.

That's why we've created this NewEleven 20 Oz Tumbler. It features a novelty saying that celebrates the incredible role of moms, along with a sleek and stylish design. With its leakproof lid, it's perfect for enjoying a refreshing cocktail, a glass of wine, or simply staying hydrated with water, whether you're at home, at work, or on the go.

Show your mom just how much she means to you with this thoughtful and practical gift that's sure to bring a smile to her face every time she uses it.



Have you ever told your mother that she is your brightest star? To praise and acknowledge Mom's tenacity and fortitude, you might simply name her as funny as this 12 Oz wine tumbler - Mamasaurus. This Mother's Day gift for mom will make her smile every time she takes a sip.


This trucker cap features a vintage design that reads "74," which makes it a great gift not just for 50th birthday celebrants but also anyone who loves and adores all things retro.

This stylish cap features an adjustable snap closure for a snug, comfy fit. Its wide sides protect against the sun, especially when worn for hiking, camping, or outdoor sports.


Surprise your mom with this unique tote bag gift! This bag will warm the receiver's heart and make them see just how special they are to you.

Spacious enough to carry her essentials for a day at the office, a trip to the gym, or a casual outing with friends, ensuring she's prepared for anything. Easily fits a 15-inch laptop, a notebook, and a medium-sized cosmetic pouch. Inner pocket to securely store her wallet, sunglasses, and other valuables. This tote bag has room for all your stuff and clever pockets to keep it all in check. It's the ultimate choice for wherever life takes you!

Moisturizing Hand Care Lotion Hand Cream - $14.99

20-Pack Cristalbox Hand Cream Gift Set: This set features 10 delightful plant-inspired fragrances, including honey, coconut, rose, avocado, lavender, grapefruit, chamomile, shea butter, aloe vera, and cherry blossoms.

Moisturizing Hand Care Lotion Hand Cream

Keep your mother's hands feeling smooth and deeply moisturized with our hand cream. Our formula nourishes and hydrates, enhancing the appearance and texture of dry and cracked hands. Its non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula ensures long-lasting hydration for soft and supple skin.

Keychain - $8.99

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Look no further! Our unique keychain is not only a thoughtful present for Mom but also serves as a special keepsake. Crafted with durable stainless steel, this keychain is resistant to deformation and discoloration, ensuring long-lasting quality. Its sleek stainless steel surface is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, making it safe for everyday use.


The keychain features a diameter of 1.18 inches, making it compatible with various keys, including car keys, house keys, and backpacks. Its lightweight design ensures easy portability, allowing Mom to carry it wherever she goes, whether it's to work, travel, or out for a meal.

Engraved with the heartfelt message, "Mom Everything I Am You Helped Me To Be," this keychain serves as a constant reminder of Mom's love and support. It's a meaningful token that Mom can cherish every day. Surprise her with this thoughtful gift and show her how much she means to you.

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For a heartwarming Mother's Day gift, consider giving your mom a durable yet stylish tumbler that she can use daily to remind her of your love and appreciation.

Ensure your mom always has her favorite drink at hand with our compact flask. Each stemless cup is designed to fit comfortably in one hand, allowing your mom to enjoy her wine, juice, smoothies, coffee, or tea with ease. Thanks to our product's double-wall insulation, beverages will stay cold for 12 hours or hot for 6 hours, ensuring your mom's drinks are always at the perfect temperature.

What's more, our stylish beverage holder features an attractive design and is inscribed with a fun, witty reminder of just how awesome your mom is! Every sip will bring a smile to her face as she thinks of you. Additionally, our tumbler comes with a convenient removable lid to keep her drinks safe from dust and pesky critters.

We've made sure that our products are easy to clean, just like you'd want for your mom. Simply wash the tumbler under running water with soap or place it in the dishwasher for effortless cleaning. Your mom will be able to relax and chill within seconds after finishing her drink, making every moment even more enjoyable.

Give your mom the gift of convenience, style, and warmth this Mother's Day with the NewEleven "Mamasaurus" Tumbler.

Shower Steamers - $9.99

Introducing CALM2U shower steamers, a unique and luxurious Mother's Day gift idea for your loved ones. Infused with organic essential oils, these shower steamers offer an unparalleled spa-like experience right in the comfort of your own home.

Shower Steamers

Crafted from natural essential oils sourced from small batch steam distillation in organic farms, CALM2U shower steamers bring the essence of nature to your daily routine. With six invigorating scents including eucalyptus, peppermint, watermelon, grapefruit, citrus, and lavender, these steamers boast a 50% higher concentration of natural essential oils compared to others, offering maximum stress relief and relaxation.

Give the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation this Mother's Day with CALM2U shower steamers. Let your loved ones unwind, refresh, and smile every day with this thoughtful and indulgent present.

Galaxy Rose Enchanted Crystal Flower - $9.99

Indulge in the timeless beauty of our eternal roses, each meticulously crafted to be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Our never-fading rainbow roses serve as a poignant symbol of eternal love, making them the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Galaxy Rose Enchanted Crystal Flower

Handcrafted by skilled artisans, our crystal flowers are delicately crafted with petals and leaves made from high-quality plastic, while the rose stems are crafted from polyethylene and adorned with luxurious gold foil.

Roses have long been revered as symbols of beauty, love, and appreciation. Our vibrant and colorful roses exude boundless hope, much like the enchanting hues of a rainbow.

Every Galaxy Rose we deliver is a testament to individual artistry and craftsmanship. Surprise your loved one with a breathtaking forever rose that will forever hold cherished memories. Let the magic of our eternal roses illuminate your Mother's Day celebration with everlasting beauty and love.

Acrylic Block Puzzle - $8.99

Your mom deserves to feel cherished, loved, and celebrated every day. That's why our delightful mom gift is designed to make her feel special all year round. With its unique puzzle piece design and heartwarming words, this gift is a beautiful tribute to the love and appreciation you have for your mom.

Acrylic Block Puzzle - $8.99

This fancy mom birthday gift features an eye-catching puzzle piece design adorned with beautiful lettering and charming details, making it a standout piece on any desk or bookshelf.

Crafted from premium quality, scratch-resistant acrylic materials, our engraved acrylic block puzzle pieces are built to last. They are sturdy and durable, ensuring they won't bend or break easily, so your mom can enjoy this meaningful keepsake for years to come.

Ceramic Ring Dish Decorative Jewelry Tray - $9.99

Looking for cheap Mother's Day gift? Look no further than our ceramic ring dish, a decorative jewelry tray designed to express your love and appreciation for Mom.

Not only is our ceramic jewelry dish a beautiful addition to any space, but it's also a practical way to showcase and organize rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry pieces. Say goodbye to the worry of lost accessories with this elegant and functional tray.

Crafted from high-quality glazed ceramic, our jewelry dish is built to last and will add a touch of sophistication to Mom's vanity or dresser. The inscription "Mothers and Daughters, never truly part, maybe in distance, but never in heart" adds an extra layer of sentimentality, making this gift truly special.

Show your mom how much she means to you with this thoughtful and heartfelt Mother's Day gift.


Delight your mom on Mother's Day with our heart bracelet paired with an inspirational quote card. The card reads, "Mother and daughter, Side by side or miles apart, we'll always be connected by our hearts!" Imagine the joy on her face when she sees this heartfelt message along with the special gift you've chosen.


The bracelet boasts a length ranging from 4 to 9 inches, ensuring a perfect fit for any wrist size. Its adjustable slip-on design features smooth rope, allowing wearers to create their ideal fit effortlessly.

Made of smooth Korea Black Cord adorned with alloy heart charms, this simple yet charming handmade bracelet set symbolizes the enduring bond between mothers and daughters. It serves as a gentle reminder that despite our busy lives, our love for each other remains steadfast and unwavering.

Share this meaningful gift with your mom to express your love and appreciation this Mother's Day. It's a sweet and thoughtful gesture that will surely touch their hearts.

Music Box Hand Crank Engraved - $11.99

Immerse yourself in the charm of yesteryears with our vintage-designed music box. Crafted from wood, its exquisite surface is hand-carved to mimic the beauty of ancient times, transporting you to a magical world of nostalgia and wonder.

Music Box Hand Crank Engraved - $11.99

Simply spin the crank handle and be enchanted by the clear melody that emanates, all without the need for battery power. Each rotation fills the air with the timeless notes of "You Are My Sunshine", evoking feelings of warmth and affection.

Compact and lightweight, this music box is easily portable, fitting snugly in the palm of your hand, a small bag, or adorning a bedroom desk. Its versatility makes it a perfect ornament for any space, adding a touch of elegance and charm wherever it goes.

Made of the utmost care and attention to detail, our music box makes for a truly perfect gift, especially on Mother's Day. Its high-quality construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a cherished keepsake that will be treasured for years to come. Give the gift of nostalgia and melody to the special mother figure in your life, and watch as their heart fills with joy and appreciation.

Mama Bear Slipper - $21.99

Treat your mom to the ultimate comfort and charm with Women’s Dearfoams Mama Bear Clog Slippers. These delightful slippers are not only cozy and comfortable but are sure to bring a smile to her face on Mother's Day.

Mama Bear Slipper

Each slipper features a multi-density cushioned insole and is topped with memory foam, providing a luxurious and cloud-like feeling with every step.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor wear, these clog slippers boast a durable outsole made of molded thermoplastic rubber. This ensures constant support and added durability, no matter where the day may take you.

Why not make Mother's Day extra special by treating your mom to matching slippers? They're perfect for capturing cute and cozy holiday photos and for spending memorable nights at home with the entire family. Give the gift of comfort and togetherness with Women’s Dearfoams Mama Bear Clog Slippers this Mother's Day.

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